Still staying behind?
You asked.

But it’s Friday.
You said.

What do you know?
My heart shouted.

You probably assumed a lot.
My mind screamed.

I don’t care at all.
My soul whispered.


Recently, I stopped writing.
I stopped thinking.
I stopped reflecting.

That’s probably a good sign.
It shows that I do not need
to declutter my mind.

I missed that feeling
of relieve after wording down
the thoughts and reflections.

It can be dark and gloomy,
or even draining and painful
But I was reconciling with my past.


It is probably
Not too good of a sign

The sun has yet to set
And I am on my way back

Something is definitely on
But I have no idea what

Maybe I should not have
Read too much into it

I should just embrace it
And look on the bright side


I feel lost once again
without directions or anchor
There is not a firm voice
to tell me what’s next

I am standing here
like a lost child
The surrounding is so familiar
but so distant and unfamiliar

Not knowing how to react
I shut off my mind
The zombie mode is on and
I have no interest in anything

May I roam around in peace
until the day that a sniper spots me
Pull the trigger and
I will be free


What are meetings for?
Not for doing work for sure.
Why are there meetings for the whole day?
Not that I requested for it.
Who does the work then?
Not you for sure.
When is the work going to be done?
Not during office hours for sure.
Who really cares?
Not a single soul for sure.

So what are meetings for?
She often asked.
For making decisions.
She will smile and nod in agreement.



There was never such an opportunity
for a breather like this

There is still work for sure
but there is still room for breathing

No matter how high the work is piling

Or maybe I could not be bother at all
as my soul gets eroded

All that frustrations will not go away
until I see some hopes

No matter how hopeful it seems