I used to feel that cooking is a hassle.

Probably because I am too used to eating out and I do enjoy the convenience. Plus, I sweat heavily once the environment gets too heaty. Cooking are associated with smoke, heat, sweat and tiredness, that was my mindset then. My friends always mentioned, their favourite food are whatever their moms cook. I simply cannot understand why, the reason being, my mom seldom cooks. Well, because she works night shift and that she feels that I am independent enough. She just doesn’t understand. I am sensible to know her, I do not wish to see her being so tired, just for me.
Now, I feel that cooking is real fun.
The aromas and the satisfaction is unbeatable.

One thought on “Cooking

  1. Cooking is an art so i think everyone who is out there reading this should know that, you just got to have the passion for it, nobody is perfect but after several tries i guess some recipes could come out perfect

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