Day Two of CNY

Gambling is not rare sight during Chinese New Year, even kids gambled during this time. Every year, as time goes by, we grew up. All mature and different, no more quarrels nor fight, but more silence between one another. We all started from 10 cents per bet, and now, a dollar. It is all part of the growing years. We never thought of betting more then. But today..

As usual, a dollar per bet is our style, for the younger kids, 10 cents. But some brats joined in and bragged about having 10 bucks per bet. Young kids, aged at most 12, are actually thinking of betting that much. Is my thinking too old-fashioned? Or is it the fact that some kids these days are getting too much? Not knowing how to earn a living and here they are gambling their parents’ hard-earned money away. For information, the three of them lost, about 20 over bucks. After they left, I heard from others that those brats come from wealthy families, which is no wonder.

Virtues and values seem to be eroding,
generation by generation.

Manners? Gone for good.


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