Pursue your dreams.
Dare to dreams.
I was told that, not by my parents.

I fear. I am afraid to pursue my dream. Or rather, I am afraid to dream. Dreams seem too good to be true and too tough to pursue. Plus, can I survive in this cruel reality while pursuing my dreams?


6 thoughts on “Pursuing

  1. It isn’t pursuing our dreams that we fear, but the risk and consequences that may follow. But look on the bright side, we’re young. Risks, we can take. ^^


  2. Daydreaming is what I do best. ^^ Cheer up, we’ve only got one life to live. Whenever you feel down or just need to rant, I always have an open ear. =]


  3. Good for you! Now if only I could keep a limit to my daydreaming and get back to work. ^^ Ah, a procrastinator at heart.


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