Thunder. Lightning.
Heavy downpour.
My messed up emotions.

My mind is still in a huge mess. I have no idea what I will do. Time is running out, the deadline is coming. I am confused, blinded by the lightning. I blamed myself, hoping for the thunder to wake me up. I tear-ed. Again. I feel hopeless and a total failure. I shivered, as the drops from that heavy downpour hit me. The voices of others seems to be biting into my flesh as chilling wind, pushing and hurting me repeatedly. I shelled myself, within my world, defensively. I bandaged my bleeding heart, and masked my esteem. I held an umbrella in my hands, yet it doesn’t shield me from the downpour and it just gets heavier and heavier. A sudden blackout, I see my future, pitch dark and empty.

When will all these be over?
When will the scorching sun ray warm my chill heart?
When will I see the rainbow of joy and hope within myself?
When can I ever find the pot of acceptance at the end of that rainbow?

I hope it is soon.


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