First trip

A trip down to the place.
I was not excited, since I have to travel so far, just to submit some things. Even though I had the choice of registered postage, but still, I will take too long and that it might pass the deadline.

I was not expecting many people. I went to the admissions office, shocked to see the small crowd. I am totally confused. Near the door, there is a note saying that we are to seal an envelope with all our things inside and drop into the box. But the problem, why is everyone holding envelopes waiting and not submitting via the box? I have no idea what to do, like everyone, I took the queue number and waited.

Moments later, one of the staff suddenly told the crowd, to give her the things if we are submitting the application forms. In the end, no envelopes are needed, no queue are there. What a day.


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