I never knew how to smile.
This wasn’t taught in school. I realise.
Perhaps, I feel that having a smile on my face looks really weird.
And that cause some people to feel that..
I am emotionless. Though,
I won’t deny.
However, I wish to change one day.
Say cheese.

Smiling on the surface, crying inside.
I am still trying, trying very hard.
Learning how to smile. Naturally, from my heart.
And not a faked smile.

Waking early in the morning, I smiled.
To myself, in the mirror.
As odd as it seems,
I will master the skills one day.

2 thoughts on “Smile

  1. To stop smiling or laughing out loud weirdly every 5 seconds is something I have to master. =P
    Let’s just say I’m easily amused. ^^

  2. Being easily amused is good. I like my friends who never stop laughing or smiling for the slightest things that happened. (:

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