Application Status

Randomly, I opened the status page, not hoping to see any changes as compared to previous checks. I opened the page, something is different, there are more words on the page. My mind was blank.

I read on.

Application Status: Successful

I would say, I was surprised of the word. I wasn’t expecting the result of the exercise to be out so soon, since the staff told me that it will be out in late March.

Oh well, I was excited and happy. At least, I get a place in there.

So far, besides my mom, only two other people know about my application to that institution. Let’s just say, both of them are contactable and considered to be one of my great friends that I knew. Thanks for the support, guys.

Now, all I need is a job.

Update: I might have really gotten a job. Someone just called me earlier on. Wow.

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