My speech

How I dealt with a difficult situation

Good Morning!
Have you ever felt lost or even hope that the world will end immediately? Well, I do.
I am going to share with you about how I dealt with a difficult situation.

The moment has come for us to face. More than four months of waiting and anticipating, I arrived at the very place that I first stepped foot on, two years ago.

When my name was called, I panicked. I got up and walked towards my form teacher, Miss Wang. My heart was pounding so fast that I could not think. There was nothing but silence between us. I stared at the result slip blankly. I did not see any As or Bs, neither did I see much Cs. She was saying something, but not a single word went into my mind.

People around me were talking about which faulty to go to in the local university. And there, I was looking ahead in the future, seeing nothing but darkness and uncertainty. I ignored everyone, not answering any of their questions. I walked out of the place, and wandered around aimlessly. My mind was so cluttered that I could not think straight. I refused to face the reality and chose to escape.

I continued to walk aimlessly, at a very slow pace. I shivered as the wind blew against my face. The chilling wind seemed to be piercing into my body. Soon, I was immuned to the external environment. I was like a zombie that has lost its senses and soul. I felt as though, I have fallen into a deep pit and no one is there to lend me a helping hand. In my heart, I was screaming for help. Just then, I noticed someone walking beside me, following my pace. I was not bothered by this person, because I knew he was Kelvin, who had been sitting beside me in class, for the past two years. He did not utter a word, he just walked with me.

As much as I tried not to think about the situation, it just did not get out of my head. I continued to walk, until I reached the doorstep. He finally said something, “All roads lead to Rome”, and left. Minutes later, I received a message from Kelvin. It was just a simple message. But after reading the message, I felt an energy bursting within my body, giving me the strength to face the reality. This was the support that I wished to get. The message was, “Just give me a call if you wish to talk”.

After the long walk, I started to face up to the reality. I ruled out the possibility of entering the universities and went on to find out more information about the diploma courses. After much thinking, I proceeded on with the application. When I went to the admission office to submit my documents, I was told that the results of the application will only be released three weeks later.

That period of uncertainty was unbearable. I could not answer my mother when she asked what I’ve planned to do. One week later, I decided to check the website regarding my application status. On the website, I was glad to see, “Application Status: Successful”.

Thank you.


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