My first impression of you was average, you are not outstanding in my eyes. Or rather, I never noticed you since you seems to be in your own world for every single moment. All of us only see you came alive during the ball games. Yes, we are impressed by your athletics ability. But soon, you are back in your own world again. Our very first tutorial, you have failed to show us the right attitude.

You just seems as though you cannot be bothered by all the things at all. I do not see you taking down notes in lectures, I do not even see the notes in front of you, I do not see you doing any tutorials at all. During our weekly three-hour break, everyone has something to do except for you. It is not that you are done with the tutorials or you are so brilliant that you will not need to study. I would wish to ask, “Why are you in school?”

A slight increase in volume in speaking, you feel threatened and went on to complain to other people. Repeatedly, we tried our best. We have tried to think that all the thoughts we have about you before the meeting will not be true, but you have prove us wrong. It is indeed that having you in the group brings the morale of everyone down. Our good intention of making you participate, your attitude just pissed us off. It is bad enough that you disregard the good intention, you went on to find what we are doing as very simple and find us irritating you. I wished to ask, “What in the world are you living in?”

A high metabolism rate or a huge appetite is not a big deal at all. It just bugs us when there is no dining etiquette in you as a sixteen-year-old. The basic manner is lacking in you, but you seems to not realise it. I do not see any respect from you given to others. I once thought of speaking to you personally, in hope that you will change. But no. I have heard too much and seen it with my own eyes that, this is the real you.

Going around asking people when they will be online to chat with you, asking people who is their top favourite person and stuff simply shows how naive and immature you are. Liking someone for today and hating the person the next day shows the child within you. We would not see this action in a teenager, even rarely in primary school kids. In my life so far, I have only witnessed once of such case beside this. That case was when I was tutoring a student, with mild intellectual disability and autism.

It does not make you superior if you came from a good secondary school, or having a single digit for L1B4. You have no right to comment that the class does not even have the minimum intelligence to understand your speech. The truth is, your speech is not interesting at all, or even the delivery of speech is not even to the standard. So, “what really makes you feel that you have that maximum intelligence?”

Seriously, you are a freak.

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