It seems like a box of jigsaw pieces given to us, when the teacher announced the project. No one knew how to work together to get the jigsaw puzzle done, until we discussed. After discussing and distributing the task, some would be matching the pieces for the sky, some for the ocean, some for the clouds. It wasn’t easy. Pieces by pieces, we did the puzzle one by one. Hours past by, the box of jigsaw pieces have transformed into an almost presentable work. However, there are still jigsaw pieces to be matched in order to complete the puzzle. Not being easily defeated, we decided to go for it again. Hours later, we have used up all the jigsaw pieces. But we did not get the full jigsaw picture nicely done. We have a missing piece. Of course, we are unhappy about it. We have spent so much time and effort on the jigsaw puzzle, only to found out that one piece is missing.


A process to undergo.


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