Rainy days

Rainy days give people the impression of loneliness and sorrow. Adding the roaring thunders and striking lightning, it can send many to flee. The desks, closets or even blankets are all the different types of object that people hid under or within, to gain some comfort and calmness. Picture the lonely young ones at home, facing the first thunderstorm in their life. The cries and the trembling, the little young souls searching for a little security or support. Louder roars of thunders, the children increase their volume of cries. They are getting desperate for a safety zone. They crave for anyone to give them a little hug, telling them not to be afraid. Think again, what happen to you during your first thunderstorm in your life that you started to explore the world?

Everything remains clear in my mind. It was supposed to be an exciting experience when I was left alone at home, with the television and computer to myself. What a thrilling experience, I thought.

It started to get darker and darker. I grabbed my blanket and some chocolate bars, switched on the lights and stayed right in the center of the living room, in front of the television. The sky is falling. More and more drops of rain falling from the sky, faster and faster. The sound of the splashing rain drops started to get my attention, louder and louder. Fear grew within me, greater and greater. Suddenly, within a finger snap, I froze.

The lightning and thunder came by. I hold on very tight to the chocolate bar and my blanket, trying to stay calm, but I am still trembling unknowingly. The loudest thunder bombed my little mind, I totally went into my blanket, and wish that my mother will appear really soon. Time went really slow. Just as I get comfortable being under my blanket, the light went off. A frightful experience, it all started with the thought of thrills. I seldom broke into tears, but when another thunder scared me, immediately, I broke into tear. The howling winds are getting into my ears.

However, I dared not be loud. I thought if Iwere to cry softly, the thunder will not hear me or notice my existence. Tears are overflowing as I feel that my blanket gets moist. I took a peep at the clock, I have been under the blanket for more than an hour. For a second, I thought, I will be safe soon, my shelter will be home really soon.

Another hour went by, I am slowly immuned to the loud thunder. A developing young mind is running, thinking what is going on and why isn’t her mother back yet. An innocent one was taught to count on herself. Tears dried up really quickly, I am slowly calming myself down. And when I heard the keys dangling outside, images of mother started to form in my mind. I hated her for leaving me alone at home and not being there. All the hatred eased suddenly, my eyes sparkles. The door opened slowly, I kept my eyes glued to the door.

I saw her. But I was not as excited anymore.

One of the little life lessons I have learnt. This lesson may not seem threatening when we all grew up. But, indeed, at a young age, I found out that we should not expect from others and often counting on ourselves will be the best method. In a terrible thunderstorm, instead of going around and hoping that someone will lend you an umbrella or share with you and bring you home, why not just run home under the rain, or find a shelter and stay there till the rain stopped. There will always be an umbrella in ourselves, that will always be available to us, but how many will allow this to be available to others? As saddening as it is, as pessimistic as it sounded, others before self is rare.


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