It is a saddening moment whereby a teacher is conducting a lesson with one-third of the class missing and less than half of what’s left is listening or even bothered by him.

It is worst when he is trying so hard to continue with the lesson and tries not to be so bothered by the immature and disrespectful act of ours.

I really wonder, how many of us is thinking in his shoes?


2 thoughts on “Saddening

  1. It is saddening… all too often we forget to think of others and how they feel. Humans are so receptive to verbal dialogue, body language and what not, and we just don’t realize sometimes what we put others through, whether its consciously, or subconciously… =[


  2. I doubt anyone felt anything for that lesson. I am glad that at least I notice that after a while and stop whatever I am doing.

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