Puzzling Act

It is always a puzzling act to me when those who deliberately absent themselves from lessons has the cheek to ask for the answers for the tutorial. To them, it may be that they want to learn. But, in the first place, shouldn’t you be attending the lesson if you wish to learn? Why do they not feel that they are bothering other people at this time of the year, whereby examinations are just days away? Just for you, one person, who deliberately skipped the lesson, I have to stop whatever I am doing and re-do that question. And not a word of thankfulness or gratefulness from you. You have the cheek to message me at 1am in the morning. Be mindful, it is not the first time already. I still clearly remember, you have failed to return all the tutorial answers that you have borrowed.

So, am I responsible for your learning?


One thought on “Puzzling Act

  1. It’s weird how these people exist and keep doing so. =[ feel your pain ><"


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