My Class

I see how one of my classmates struggles with his studies, not because his intellectual ability, but because he is suffering from Wilson’s Disease. He feels the pain in his distorted foot every now and then. He cherishes all the learning opportunity because, he has waited for more than three years to be fit enough for education. He is excited for the examination, no doubt with that. And on the other hand, I see another bunch of classmates, skipping classes regularly and engaging in gaming session during every free time. Now that examinations are just moment away, these people are struggling, because they had missed the lectures and could not understand. For me, I appreciated the opportunity to start again. I guess, most will only learn and cherish when things go wrong.

In the first place, I do not understand why these youngsters are blaming the teachers, the module and the whole world, but themselves.

* My class has quite a large age gap as compared to the rest. While majority are in their sixteen and seventeen.. One is twenty-six, two is twenty-one and I am nineteen.


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