She and Me

I may not be perfect,
but I am in the eyes of you.
You may not be loving,
but I can see you are trying.
You may not be able to help,
but I appreciate it.
I may not be like the rest,
but I am me, with you.

My mother always feel that one should be responsible for his/her own learning. While many around me are drowning in assessment books as early as the age of 7, I was just merely sent to tuition centre. I may get caned many times because of my poor results, but I knew she really cares as she always tries to cover up those markings for me before I left for school. I may not have travelled to anyway further than Malaysia (neighbouring country of Singapore), I still enjoyed myself when I was young. I may be jealous of the rest who were sharing about their overseas vacations to Australia, Japan or even the United States, but I know I will not need that to learn and grow. She may feel that material living is more important because she grew up lacking of it, I have started to realise that it is what we are that makes who we are. She may not be a mother that is so knowledgeable about everything under the sun, but I will be glad to enlighten her if I could. I would not describe her as a loving doting mother, for she is one that make me explore the world and experience it by myself. She will not warn me that a burning flame can hurt me until I really get hurt, she will come and explain it. She will not be as worried as other mothers when their daughters were out for a late night movie, because she knows I know my limit. Some times, I looked at her, I noticed, she is really her, the amazing one that is with me.

Love, something that,
need not be in words,
nor through actions.
Give it some thoughts,
anyone can feel loved.


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