That’s me

I chose to take it lightly, most of the time.

In front of these people, younger than me, more ignorant and immature, I gladly tell my story. Any time, I warned them about their actions with what I have been through. More than often, they listened attentively yet actions remained. I couldn’t help but to end my words with, “You will learn when you regret.”

In front of my peers, those of the same age and been in my life for at least two years, I approached with caution. Those whom I can close to, I face them with my true self. I won’t tell my story, instead I made clear that I am happier now than then. I won’t mind telling them everything, because I know, they will never despise me.

Those who cannot co-exist with me, I hide myself.

Yes, I still mind whatever that is going into people’s head.


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