This and That

It is a virtual game site that is part of many childhood memories.

I remembered myself getting punished by some unknown lab assistant because I was on the site with my bunch of friends. I never forget that incident, simply because, I was the only one getting punished when others were playing too. Anyway, the game site was just a site with numerous interesting games for me. As I grew older, I began to explore the site and made many friends from around the world.

Soon, it is not only a virtual game site that provides me with entertainment. It was this site that exposed me to the world of HTML and CSS, no doubt that was the cause of my messy skills in those area. Even better, I learnt to protect myself.

Imagine this: A bunch of people getting together from around the world, talking about anything under the sun, thinking about how things with be like when we are grew old. Most importantly, we have never met each other. I can actually say, friendships over the game site are equally precious as those in the reality. Hopefully, I will be with the site till I grew old, together with the valuable friendships.

The wonders of internet and globalisation brought about many things. I have learnt a lot from the game site. Just the forum page alone, each day, there is something new to learn. You can see how people got so upset about some others being more skilful or even how people are begging everyday to gain something from others.

Technically, everything on there are pixels. But it is very interesting to see people really feeling happy and grateful when you gave them the long wished pixels. Shouldn’t we all be as contented? Life is as simple as that, nothing needs to be big or valuable to make someone happy. Let’s go back to the good old days.. Smile, when someone offered you a sweet. Be grateful when someone is there for you.

Smile, it is the key that fits the lock of everybody’s heart. ~Anthony J. D’Angelo

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