If time were to go back, I will still make the decision to go to college, undergone the stress and failure, and returning to where I am today.

Often, we as human love to imagine all the ‘if’s, but we neglect the present. At current age, I face an education path that people younger than me is facing. I am standing proud of myself, to a great extent. I value what I am doing and what I have done, at the same time, I would love these to be part of my memories that I passed on to people. As we work with people, we will find people difficult to work with, do we even thought that we, ourselves are too difficult to work with in others’ opinion? We all start to blame others before self.

For me, everyone fear when they know they will be with me in the same project group. For a couple of people, they know me sufficient enough that they will like to be with me. More than often, I see myself, angering and irritating group members because I will make huge changes that many disagrees. When it comes near the deadline, I will be take charge even though I am not the leader. Many people dislike working with me, but they know, they will be happy to see the grade for the project.

I like to face others with a brick wall, with an intimidating face.
Know me to realise, my soft side.


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