People say that I seem to be happier.

I have been catching up with people recently, though not face-to-face. Any short conversation will prove to them that I really am happier now that I was before. I am not restless all day, thinking of sleeping every single moment. I am not yawning my life away. I am more open to people, maybe because I have put down the past. Seriously, one line to sum up, I am starting to learn to enjoy life.

I had the attitude facing people previously because I have been lacking way too much sleep. I could not be bothered by all the mundane things in life, left alone socialisation. In addition, I was never the one that will strike a conversation with anyone, I was totally in my own world previously. The crashing of workload and pressure cause me to isolate myself.

When all of those are over, I regained myself. I have at least 8 hours of sleep now, as compared to an average of 4 hours previously. I get the chance to do the things I like, such as cooking and photography. Things are never the same again.

There is always a reason why you should be happy.
Just think harder.

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