Random thoughts

I am learning to look on the brighter side of life, because it is a lot easier than to worry and panic for the worst. It is nice to lead a life whereby everyday is a sunny day, even if there is rain, there will always be rainbow that cheers everyone up.

Then again, as human beings, with the superb ability of thinking, many still could not help but to think about the worst situation.

At the start of the term break (weeks ago), I really cannot wait to go to school. For that period of time, I thought anyone who dread school really hasn’t thought through yet. As the break is ending, thoughts of school started to emerged in my mind. It wasn’t like before, the enjoyment of school, gaining and learning the knowledge. I began the first thought about school — the torture of many projects. Unavoidably, the negative thoughts occupied the whole mind.

Just 10 minutes of silence and clearing up of mind, the flowers are blooming and the lights are shining. Afterall, there won’t be a bright side, if there isn’t a dull and horrible side of life.

Smile is the hard thing, for me.


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