A Waste?

Thoughts have been filling up my mind recently, to be exact, after the meet-up.

One of them is one of my best friends. We used to stay back in school everyday, after school, doing work and revision. We talked about anything and everything, even family. For people who really know me, I do not talk about family in front of people. But for her, I shared mine and she opened up to me too. We are sort of similar in that aspect. Anyway, that day when we met, she immediately knew about my recent doings and the first thing she says, “Don’t you think it is such a waste?”

Yes, it all seems to be such a waste for me to give up continuing that route to university, but I am happier, truly. I didn’t regret for a single moment till now. I could get module exemption or even a year of exemption if I were to go to another institution, but I didn’t. I wanted a fresh new start, a start on a fresh white piece of paper, where all my achievements will be recorded and that I will be proud of. I want to make it clear to myself that that extra years and I am going through now, shall be remembered and always in my mind.

Is it really a waste?
Maybe, but
I am a willing party.

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