The Fat Day

You wake up early in the morning to prepare for the day. Moments later, you are ready to get going. You somehow manage to squeeze your body through the door once again. The neighbours have once again witness it, they smile at you. But you have a feeling that the smiles are not genuine. Being used to it, you continue walking and arrive in front of the elevator. A couple of your neighbours are there, but silence is persistent. You walk into the elevator along with the people. *BEEP* The alert sounded, everyone turn to look at you. Embarrassing moment, even though you feel that you did nothing wrong, you step out of the elevator immediately. You take the stairs down to the ground level from the 11 floor. The temperature is starting to attack you, you sweat, partly because you took the stairs.

Little children are laughing among themselves when they see you sweating profusely. The wind is resting, you feel really sticky because of all the perspirations. You walk to the bus stop nearby and sit down, waiting for the bus to arrive. Finally, the bus arrived. Bring your sweaty body, you boarded the bus. The first step, there is nothing more than stares. You wish to find a seat, but people’s expressions are telling you not to even think about sitting next to them. You then stand aside. After about 10 minutes, there is an empty seat and naturally you sit. The bus is starting to get really crowded, most seats are taken, but the one beside yours. People walk past and stare at you, before moving in. Soon, all the seats are taken, leaving one. That seat is never taken until you alight from the bus.

When you wish to alight, you look for a way to get yourself out of the tuna-packed bus. You stand up, indicating to others that you are alighting, people are sighing. As much as they try to give you some space, there are barely none. Without any choice, you squeeze through, irritating the people on the bus and alight. Be it school or workplace, you arrive there early, your usual habit. You get to the washroom to tidy yourself before going for classes or work.

Lunch Time! The canteens and food courts are packed to the brim. You drop by the fast food restaurant after spending a long time, finding an available seat. You order the food and sit. You want to enjoy your meal, but you cannot help ignoring the eyes. You feel the silent words from others. They are making you feel that it is such a sin for you to even have lunch, just because you are of a size big enough. You feel the pressure and fasten your eating pace. You return to work or lesson.

Time flies. You are ready to leave. Once again, on the bus, you face the similar situation. You refuse to get a seat and stand through. You try not to get into people’s way, but you can see that people see you as a big object that blocks the way. Plus, they seem to be signalling to you that you are taking up too much space. You want to hide, but you can’t.

Returning back home, you squeezed through the door again, ending your day outside. Tomorrow is the same story again..

Of course, these situations are common. Even when I am obese myself, I do have negative thoughts about others being in the same situation as me. It is human nature. Thinking in others’ shoes, it is different. There are people who seem to not mind the harsh criticism, but truly we still mind even when we are used to it. I feel horrible today, because of one of the above situation I experienced.

I still believe, no one, fat or thin, ugly or pretty, smart or not, should be mocked at and discriminated against. However, I understand that it is human nature.


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