Last year, around this time, I shook in terror while walking into the chilling room. The gigantic butterfly in my stomach was making me timid. I was hiding. The more confidence face I see, the more I withdrew.

I know I wasn’t prepared. I know more could be done.

Hours passed. I walked out of that chilling room in extreme fear. There was not a sign of relief or happiness. Instead, I knew immediately that this very examination, that will determine my future, has killed me completely. I have almost surrender to it, heart and soul.

Today, this very moment, another batch is taking the very same examination. I really wondered how many will be like me. As much as I really hope that no one will be like me, I know this examination has killed many like me. We are not victims, we are just not the fittest to survive. We are non-survivors.

I have overestimated my will and ability, don’t tell me it is a process in life, for I knew this process sucks!


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