Technology VS Human

How often do we think about the relationship between us and technology?
How many of us have become the slave of those gadgets?

It is a norm to see people looking into small screens and typing on the small pad everywhere. It is not surprising to find the same phenomenon in social gatherings. Minutes by minutes, time is slipping away from our fingers, and there we are striving for the latest gadgets, going insane over the word – latest. The ringing sounded, more than one person will take out their little gadgets, thinking that it is for them. When they discovered that it is not, they will start to fiddle with their gadgets. From the big to the small, we are answering to them. No doubt that it is a sign of modernisation and now, the most common means of communication and obtaining information. Living a day without gadgets is not possible for most people now. Many of us feel insecure when they do not check their mobile phones.

The little gadget that plays music, is becoming a commodity, or rather a necessity. People, on the move, are constantly blasting music into their ears. Even with the earphones on, the surrounding people are blasted by the music, as though it is a speaker. The ignorant ones, become a mobile radio. Choosing the music for the people, they immersed in their own world.

Will there be a day when technology overthrow the world?


2 thoughts on “Technology VS Human

  1. Interestingly enough, I’m working on an essay right now regarding the influence of technology and the complications that it brings to the table.
    Sadly, most of us have already become slaves to our blackberry and what not.


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