A process

No one is born excellent.
No one is born to do whatever he/she is doing now.
No one is born to work well with people.

I would not agree that I work well with people, but I have my principles in life. At this level, commitments are not excuses. It is how one actually prioritise. No matter how busy one is, you may forget something, it should not be an excuse in life. Which boss will accept the excuse that my commitments are high and I have no time or I forgot to do the proposal? It is known even weeks before about the responsibility, and it is how one sees it. No one is right in the situation, but clearly we have withhold certain details purposely. Those are the details that would show the pushing and tension, but was not mentioned. I would not expect initiative at all, but just one word: sensibility.

You have the right to express your anger, or even be against me. Still, I have my right too. Youngsters tend to be behaving in their own unique ways. Ever thought that is the behaviour appropriate? I am no older than these people. Some of them might even known more than me, because of our different experiences. One known fact is, we all have to learn from each other. Not many people could stand in front of the mirror, and think about their actions and behaviours. We need someone to tell us.

Be it accuse, be it complain. Be it guilty, be it innocent. Say it out. Holding the grudge, I always do but there is a limit. We do not need excellent teamwork, we do not need acceptance, we need tolerance. Humans take time to grow and learn. It is a process to undergo.


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