Ask me..

It has been almost a year.

Ask me..
if I regret it, I would say no.
if I believe it, I would say no.
if I hate it, I would say no.
if I love it, I would say no.

It was a moment of transition that I never thought I can survive through. Emotionally, I cannot get over it, but I have to, on my face. Mentally, I am hoping for the better. Things aren’t going to change for the better with the old brain, but I like the old brain. Reminiscing the past seems the good thing recently.

I remember how the bunch of us got together and fought a battle. The fun we had when we talk about nothing. We could laugh for hours for no reason. Our sudden emotion to the earth that we have to be environmentally friendly, by switching off the air-con and lights. The fact that we are unique, and special. We may not be the brightest spark of all, but we are deemed as the united bunch. We weep through the hard days and laugh through the happy moments. There were moments when we stopped all the things we are doing, and started to think about life ahead and before. Well, we are really an emotional bunch. A bunch of us, bonded together really well. We did the things together and it was the greatest moment. It isn’t every day that you can see twenty over like-minded friends of yours, touching your heart and leaving their energy in you.

I still do not regret going through the route. I may be a lost soul in the battlefield, but I had the amazing fighting spirit because of the fellow peers. No one needs verbal support, all you need is a pat on the back when you are lagging behind. That’s all it needs. The rest, is yours.

Success or failure,
no one is to be blame, but yourself.


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