New Realisation

I realised something new today.
I would have notice and realise it if I was more observant.

The more we are weak in a particular area, we tend to put most of our time and effort in trying to improve the performance in that area. Initially, you were confident and doing well in several areas. Therefore, you feel that you should be improve in your weakest point. After putting in much effort over a period of time, you are getting a hold of your weakest point that your performance in it have improved tremendously. However, little do you know that while you are working hard to improve on your weak point, your performance for the rest fall, due to inconsistency. In the end, you are left with nothing but more efforts in other areas. And the cycle goes again.

I never have any confidence or interest in accounting, until I made up my mind to master it. I redid all the lecture illustrations, the tutorial questions and the textbook questions. I wasn’t glad when people are having a perfect score for accounting and I have been struggling with it. Finally, my efforts paid off, for the first time. I am glad.

But.. I have a feeling that I am neglecting the other modules. And I am making up for it now.


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