Even though semester two is ending really soon, I still cannot forget the fact that I am different.

I won’t deny that I really enjoyed myself in college and currently. When I am sitting in the tutorial room alone, I can’t help but to remember that I am not the same. Whenever the teachers talk about colleges in general, there is a sudden gush from my heart to my mind. Not that I am really concern and face-conscious, but it is the same emotions that kept appearing and gushing up. At times, when the talks are longer, the feeling made me feel inferior suddenly. I have the urge to release it, but what rights to I have?

Come to think of it, tears are being forced out when I reflected back on such situations. Whenever I saw that college uniform, I remember of the past and the past reminded me of my failure. Yes, I can shout out to the world that I cannot forget it. Once done and never to forget.

Today, I have been trying to prove that I am the same, but..

I failed.


One Comment

  1. Why prove similarities when differences are the things that make you, you? Embrace them, because despite all that may appear as a generality, we all have our own stories, our own past, and our own views. Chin up Tacie~


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