An encounter

I haven’t been writing much recently, as compared to the past.
Let’s call it a good news. Or maybe a bad one.

Inspiration flows really fast and well when I am overwhelmed with emotions and thoughts, encounters do counts too. Anyway, this is what I saw recently, at a fast food outlet..

The mother was on her iPhone, playing games. Her two daughters, sharing a large drink, having nothing to do at all. It was 8pm. My initial thoughts was, they were waiting for someone. The younger daughter was moving around, trying hard to peek at the game play. The older one kept quiet and still. When the younger daughter accidentally spill the drink, the mother took a look and continued with her game. The game must be really interesting, I thought. After some time, suddenly, the mother exclaimed that she had broken her record.

I left for some shopping and passed by the outlet at around 9:30pm. The mother was still into her game, refusing to leave until game over.

What can I say?


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