First Week

The first week has gone past,
once again, proving to me: Time flies.

I still could not get the fact that, these are the people whom I will be with for the next two years. The air is filled with strangeness and awkwardness. Aren’t people social creatures by nature? Maybe there should be something to bring the people all together, or we just need to get out of our comfort zone. This is a year when you really see a difference in people. We are trying so hard to beautify that piece of paper, which we will be getting upon graduation. Projects are getting on everyone’s nerves. What in the world are we in, that we are having project meetings on the first week? As absurd as it is, we are all facing the reality, trying to work together, trying so hard to ignore the awkwardness between us. It is similar to a group of five, distance apart in mind, yet sitting side by side physically.

We will take some time,
to get comfortable with one another.
Sooner or later..


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