What motivates you?

On my bus ride home today, I asked myself this one question.

The first thing that got into my mind is reality, but I disagree with that within seconds. It may seem that I am just leading my life because I am simply seeing what life is offering to me. I know that it is me that matters. It is me that results in my life. I am not spending my days one by one, waiting for the ultimate moment: Death. Though I won’t deny that at some point of my life, I am just hoping to get over the processes in life that I have failed to enjoy it.

I would say, it is my failure that motivates me. Success may motivate me, but to a certain extent, often we become too overwhelmed by the emotions that it simply makes us happy. Achieving more may be another story. Till date, I remember the exact emotions during that phrase of my life. My heart still aches when I think about it. My eyes get teary when I mention about it. Whenever I need some motivation, I search for it within the failure. I need to tell myself. I need to tell myself that I must have the will power, so that I will not undergo that phrase of life again.

Bringing the same emotions up again and again..
It hurts. It triggers more thoughts from within.
But it is my only way to motivate myself.


One thought on “What motivates you?

  1. Have to agree with you on this one, think failure motivates me more than success does. Wonder if that’s a good thing 0_0″


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