Fairness or Meritocracy? Opportunities for all?
Or is it reserved just for those with the potential? Is it true that everyone will get a chance?

It just gets me thinking..
I do agree that nothing is fair in the world, regardless of how much we speak of gender equalities. When there is an opportunity out there, far from our reach, where we need a ‘hand’ to bring it to us, how sure are you that you will get it? Looking at the situations now and in the past, if you are good, you get it. I am sorry, but that’s the harsh reality. The barriers to entry is set to be so high that you will not know of the opportunity. There seems to be a list of names in their hands, once you are not in the list, you know you will not get any opportunity. Not being shortlisted? Yes, you are not even given the same basis to compete, you are judged based on your academic performance. There will be no other way unless.. you really shine. Of course, we can grab opportunities. However, no one can deny that there are some that are out of our grabs, we can only rely on nomination.

The assurance of ‘everyone will get a chance’, who really believes it? It is clear, if it is a minor opportunity, you might get a chance even if you are out of the ‘list’. If it is a national event, or a representation, make sure you are the best of the best. Isn’t it now the case whereby you will get more exposure if you are good? And if you are not as good, you will continue to be an average person. Is it the same case as the widening income gap? Or simply pure coincidences?

A random thought,
slips through and provokes more thoughts.
Confusion, now.


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