Graciousness? Or simply rude?

The world is made up of many different kinds of people. And let’s admit it that none of us are perfect. I read a report just minutes ago on how Singaporeans are being rude. As a typical Singaporean, I couldn’t help but to think likewise. However, if anyone were to put in more thoughts, otherwise is the word.

Buses have always been my preferred mode of transportation. Over the years, I accumulated many sightings, experiences and stories regarding people on the bus. Maybe it is just me, I have this philosophy when I travel on buses. I do not think that children, as in schooling kids, require the seat more than an elderly. And an elderly will not require a seat more than a pregnant woman. I would always give up seats to pregnant women, but not always to elders. The only reason is simply, I do not feel the need to. Am I being ungracious?

I doubt it. During the morning peak period, those elders that really need the seat would not be on the bus. Generalisation? Be it. The elders on that bus during that period will be traveling to work, then shouldn’t we treat them as working adults too?

We alway hear complaints about this and that. The most famous example, teenagers taking up the priority seats. Be mindful. Is everyone on that seat in their teens? Or is that a viewpoint that has been printed in our minds? There was once when I took the train for a couple of months to school. My alighting stop is the first stop and if you really notice, these priority seats are always the last to be filled up. What is this situation showing then?

Back to the subject of rudeness, I do agree that there are many rude people. I could be hold the door for many people and none are appreciating me with a word of thanks. However, to single Singapore out and labelled us, as rude is not acceptable at all. What more, the comment made by the foreigner in that report isn’t any polite in any ways.

Are there a lack of news lately that we have to bring the fuss in once in a while? Is it showing more of how the others are when they are condemning us?


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