I did not know how to react.
I am trying to express myself, but I can’t.
I just can’t do it explicitly.
I appeared to be unappreciative, but trust me, I am not.
Wishes, greetings, cakes and singing – a part of my memory
Give me some time, I will learn to react.

I had my fair share of a fun day, even though it has been one of the busiest day in my life. Rushing from meetings to lessons, lessons to meetings, and a flash-mob training.. I am physically tired, but I am satisfied with the day.

This year, everything went back to point one. I am starting everything from scratch, at the same point as everyone. I have no prior knowledge anymore. Time is getting really scarce that I hope I have 48 hours a day. Projects are getting annoying, and people are going insane. I take a step back and take a good look. I saw this situation whereby, I got too contented with my knowledge and my result from past semesters, that I am not pushing myself enough. I am constantly excusing myself. I realised it, but I still do it. From tomorrow, I shall change that. On the good side, I see myself different from last year. Not wiser, but I see a clearer image of myself. I see the changes that I have made since last year. Changes shall be constant. Procrastination, you monster!


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