We didn’t thought of flashing our skills, neither are we that talented. We are not going just for the credit, or rather perhaps that’s in the initial stage. But now, we go for it willingly. Because it is fun. Dancing aren’t our forte. I can even say, we and dancing are totally two separated entities that should not be combined. We learned and danced at our might, we tried our best at figuring out how to not tangle our feet together. We looked at the dance demonstration and looked at one another. HUH?! We laughed at one another. We stayed together and danced as one. We are funny, we are weird. We have courage, we have fun. What’s more to expect? While the rest are doing other things, for some reasons, we are dancing for an event that we aren’t initially passionate about. We are supposed to be doing other things, yet we came.. to have fun.


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