Thank You

I sat down here in the middle of the night,
for some reflections. I am not someone great at expressing myself
or anyone who is really caring or sociable.
I know in my heart and mind that I am not a good friend,
for I have no ability to keep in touch with anyone.

I really value the friendships, for just these few days.
The different memories that stay in our mind,
the flashbacks of the brain draining activities,
the 6-meals per day, the laughing and joking and even,
the moment when we watch the Tom&Jerry shows mindlessly.

I do realize that, my bluntness and the sharp-edged words..
I am sorry, really.
I can only hope you get me.
It is not what I really intend to meant,
but just moments of stupidity and bluntness, on my part.

I wish to express my gratitude and gratefulness to all of you, who have
endure me, show tolerance, the warm smiles and the never-ending concerns.
You noticed me, become a friend of mine, pulled me along and guided me.
I thank you, for little did I knew or expected
Polyforum 2010 to be that enjoyable and fun with every one of you.

7 October 2010, 4.56AM
Polytechnic Forum 2010
Room 330 of Pulai Springs Resort, Malaysia


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