Reflecting on 2010..

I scored a perfect GPA.
I rediscovered the joy in reading. And bought/borrow (a lot) books.
I found the courage to register myself as a volunteer and went for the orientation alone.
I found a close friend.
I bought myself a gift and still cherishing it.
I represented my school for a competition. And achieved a Merit award.
I did not know how to react on my birthday.
I danced Samba and Hip-pop for the very first time.
I was part of a Flashmob.
I was a motivator of the YOG’s JYOF.
I stepped foot into a Karaoke outlet and enjoyed it.
I got used to eating alone and shopping alone.
I sensed that I am screwing up my life once again.
I tried getting out of my comfort zone.
I participated in the PolyForum 2010.
I realised what is hard work and what being hardworking pays.
I was targeted. I could blow up the issue, but I chose to let go.
I did not blow up the matter that I would have if I have not change.
I found a friend who can keep secrets.
I realised the importance of a mentor in my life. Someone whom I can go to any time.
I realised who my real friends were.
I completed nine weeks of my full shift stopover, feeling satisfied.
I have learned to be professional, no matter who I am working with.
I have gotten a new phone.
I enjoyed myself at BC’s Christmas Exchange 2010.
I reconnected with my old friends at Starbucks till midnight.
I found someone who I can talk to face-to-face for a long period of time.

I am continuing to love school. (despite all the things that happened)

2010 zoomed past me, time slipped through my fingers.
I lost grip of it and went with the flow.
2011 will be soon, and I am a different person again.


2 thoughts on “Reflecting on 2010..

  1. Well done! By the sounds of it, you had a very fulfilling year =D


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