An end

A semester, finally an end..
From not knowing what to expect, to embracing.
From loving, to fearing, to dreading.
Under the mercy of the system, those days.
Overwhelmed and Outnumbered!
All have finally come to an end,
things are returning back to normal soon.

I learnt. I grew. I experienced. I seen.
I smiled. I teared. I angered. I feared.
The best of people.
The worst of human and human nature – The Darkest Days,
I never wanted tomorrow to come yet
I wish everything could be over as soon as possible.
That impact. That tremor. Still affecting me.

I realised how weak I really am.
I have seen myself be that vulnerable.
I discovered the change in me after the incident.
I learnt so much about myself..
I hide again, to protect myself.
I stand again, to prove myself.
I survived again, to show the world.

All in all, I am so glad that everything is coming to an end.


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