I am in an unusually good mood today.

Friday the thirteenth,
a supposing unlucky day,
a day that I do not wish to face..
The overall result would be out
and I thought I knew it is over.

Demoralised by them, I was.
Shown me the cruelty of human nature,
and the devil in everyone’s heart. Yet..
I survived. They have ruined me enough.
They won naturally, I know.

They change me to a different person,
a changed soul and a more enclosed self.
I reevaluate the term, ‘Friends’ and
withdrew my emotions totally.
Worst, I was made a loser from the very beginning.

Losing hope and trust for the creatures known as humans,
the ugly and disgusting human nature,
I found myself hating human, in general.
Immensely affected till date, for
my wounds are still fresh, with salt.

The feeling: A lost battle, yet a ray of hope.
That’s it. Only a few seconds to load and
revealed the results. I smiled to myself,
knowing I have the ultimate victory in hand.
— Maybe what I did was right afterall..


2 thoughts on “I am in an unusually good mood today.

  1. Humans can dissapoint, at times. But, then again, you are lucky and blessed if you can find just one who will be there for you in the times when you are just yourself and no one else.
    Being human is not being perfect. A split-second choice is always the right choice at the time we make it. Your victory is yours–let it be sweet.

  2. I agree. Just like how I was in an unusually good mood, I spent the whole day doing things that I like and want to do. A long walk, a good meal, a good book and a good rest. 😀

    (Of course, that will mean that I just procrastinated. Reports due on Monday.)

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