When I Can't Sleep


Perhaps it is a blessing in disguise or a matter of fact, I am never having moments that I can't sleep. I would say I am constantly in the state sleep-deprived since many years ago. I am too used to sleeping at 2am or even 3am and waking up at 6am. It is not case whereby the length of sleep is sufficient for me, but rather, it is the maximum time I can afford for precious sleep. When things get overwhelming or the great procrastinator is at work, I can even go without sleep.

Maybe that's why I have mastered the ability to sleep anywhere, anytime.. and the ability to sleep the very moment I sat down on the bus.

The only nights which I can't sleep, not because of those deadlines, is definitely big days. I defined big days as impactful days, such as release of results etc. (though I still have the ability to sleep even if the results will be release tomorrow)

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