Random Words

I have been telling the people around me to think about their future, what they are going to do upon graduation. I was repeating the same thing over and over again, to different people. Perhaps, it is because I finally see that we need to have a target to aim and achieve, instead of taking one step at a time. It was a harsh reality to many. Some just realised that the requirements are too high for them, while some are still lost. Interestingly, some of them have a backup plan, what I would say, it’s the last resort. They would present to me the plan, yet little did they know, the plan cannot be actualized because of the high entry requirement. Even more interestingly, these people whom I talked to have the aim, or at least the dream to enter a local university. Sadly, they have finally realised that their grades are way lower than the requirements and they were lost immediately. I was hoping to remind these people to have a goal to pursue and know what’s next in their lives, yet I have blown up their little dreams with the harsh reality. I am sorry.


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