Icy Heart

People see me as a cold person,
who has a low social need, and
not easily impressed or excited.
Excitement, passionate, joyful,
are the never the words to describe.

An ice block, chill and cool,
never melts and ever lasting.
I do not know what is care,
what is concern and,
what is console.

Perhaps, maybe, could be..
because I have not really experience
them. Or, maybe I had, but
little had I took note of, or knew that,
that’s care and concern.

Anyone can cry in front of me,
I am sorry, tears aren’t going to melt,
the icy heart, that was sealed up for long.
I do know that you are feeling down,
but.. I have no idea how to react and console.

One day.. I am waiting for that moment,
to realise what is care and concern, so that
I know how to express.
That day may come,
or never..


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