World of Books

Just few weeks ago, I promised myself that I will fix a day fortnightly to visit the library for books. As much as I love the ambiance and range of books in the bookstore, and not forgetting the freshness of a new book, library is still the economical choice for me. There are times when I visited the library too regularly, that I find the books really boring as I have been somewhat seeing the same titles again and again. Anyway, the plan was aborted almost immediately when my schedules are overwhelmed by all the project meetings and tests. I stopped reading.. for a few weeks.

Just last week, after one of my tiring project meeting, I am not sure what got into me. I simply needed some time off, so my legs were bringing me around, and into the library. The world of books attracted me so much that I went ahead, judging the books by their covers. Then again, I am stuck to reading.

Random: I have always been reading non-fiction. Fiction does not seemed to attract me in any way and I can’t seem to finish up a fiction book no matter how hard I tried. I would get bored with the story and eventually, abandoned the book. Still, I do make some effort to introduce fiction books into my life. Little successes thus far.. BUT I did finished up some good fiction books.

Currently, Jodi Picoult’s books seemed interesting to me. I have bought her ‘House Rules’, waiting to be read soon. Actually, I have too many ‘to-be-read-soon’ books in hand now.

I find peace and myself in reading and the world of books. It is a world where words are everything, they have the power to display love, hatred, emotions and lives. I am not going to abandon books like how I did few years ago.

A way for me to recharge, relax and rediscover the world.
A way for me to understand, learn and grow.

2 thoughts on “World of Books

  1. I’m glad to hear you’ve picked up books again despite being busy 🙂 It is quite depressing knowing that so many people refuse to read or even pick up a book to read in this day and age. This post made me smile. ^^


  2. The busier I am, the more breather I need. When that happens, I dumped all my work aside to enjoy that few moments of peace with books.

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