The environment. the people, the atmosphere and the feeling..
Sophisticatedly different, it is strange and odd.
The memories flow through my mind, I just remembered..
Things are no longer the same again.

The occasional cheers for me, the bright smiles..
I remembered how strangers motivate one another,
giving me a pat on my back, cheering me on,
shouted my name across the field..

Even to the extent of running with me, without obligations,
nor complains, pushing me further and further..
When I reached my limits, they stopped and said,
“We will walk with you!”

They never allowed me to give up on myself,
the finishing time is not the key, completion is.
The time slipped past 30 minutes, I still have them with me.
Those two years, I have participated and completed so many.. with them.

Today, all I have is myself..
Reached my limits and I stopped.
I participated and tried my best,
In the end, I let myself give up on myself..


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