Perhaps I would consider today the last day before the term break, so rather the project rush.. Tomorrow’s class has been cancelled, but I have laid out plans for project meetings. I am still forcing myself to be motivate, resisting the temptation of procrastination. Being an awesome procrastinator for so many years, I am getting really skilled in that field that I sometimes, or all of the time, loses myself in it. Those procrastination thoughts took over my mind, control my thinking, telling me there’s always tomorrow. And I foolishly believed so and followed what my mind told me.

What a fool, I was then. I did enjoy my days of procrastination. Like come on.. Who wouldn’t enjoy a few days of idling and lazing around the house with nothing to do, doing whatever things you want. It was a luxury with a high price to pay, which happens to be too many times. Yet I never learnt my lesson, again and again, I need the consequences to remind me that I should not procrastinate. I often said that I work under pressure, which I really do. However, that is simply an excuse I have come up with to convince myself and to deceive everyone that I am no procrastinator.

Deep inside, I know myself, everything about me, from inside out. I have made some decisions, with regards to my procrastinator habit. I am not too sure if it will work, but it would be worth the try.

  1. I will be having a to-do list and this list should be updated as and when I can. This list must be reviewed every night before I go to bed and again when I wake up in the morning. This list will include things like project meetings, my study schedule for the examinations and more. In the past, I have tried this method, but it won’t work mainly because, I was lazy. In my mind, I actually do know what’s left to be done, by when should the task be completed, which is more urgent, which has a higher priority, which is tougher to tackle etc. I know it in my fingertips, which makes me feel that there is no need to do such list anymore. Everything is in my mind, not that I need further reminders. Perhaps, this term break will be a pilot test for me to try out, if it works, I may be more motivated naturally.
  2. From time to time, I will be reviewing my priorities in life to see if I have been blinded by some things in life which has low importance. Like what I wrote in my EQLead ICA 1 today, there are seven aspects to life which a person can prioritize – family, friends, career, success, money, happiness and dreams. Then again, I think I need to know what’s ahead of me before I could better do my prioritizing in life.
  3. Focus, focus and more focus. I realized, after the attachment, my mind drifts off easily in lectures and I find it hard to concentrate in classes. I can’t think as fast as before. I feel to lethargic to do anything under the sun. I could easily spent hours, in an air-conditioned room, doing nothing, which I do not understand how and why till now. But it was my definition of relaxing and resting, and my ultimate excuse to get away from work, to procrastinate idly.
  4. Watch my diet. What a joke. I always believe that appearances are nothing to be judge at, simply because I was too lazy to even bother and that I was immune to all the laughter, mocking and teasing. I thought over and started to make connections. Could my constant feeling of tiredness be because of my health? Well, keeping to a portion of a meal should not be that tough, as comparing to for me to move around more, which I can never bring myself to suffer, in my own hands.
  5. Bed time. I never had a fixed bed time. Bed time is simply when I am done with what I want then that’s the bed time, or as long as I feel like sleeping. I do feel that 24 hours a day is just too little. I can feel the time slipping away through the holes between my fingers, as I try my very best to grasp on to them. I would like to try to invest come of my time to sleeping, so that I can lead a more healthy lifestyle. Rather than what I am doing now and in the past. Sleeping very little, around three to four hours per weekdays, and sleeping way too much, around more than twelve hours per weekends. Sleep debt, sleep debt, another excuse for me to procrastinate.

See?! I told you I am an expert in procrastination, getting really good at it. Even my reasons sound so professionally.. What a fool, I am.


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