A letter for the 30-year-old me, in 2020

I am already 21 years old, an adult in the eyes of justice and law. I shall be writing a letter to the 30-year-old self today.

6 July 2020, you have survived through the 20 over years of life, embarking into a new journey into your thirties. A remarkable milestone, I would say. What are you thinking now, at the age of 30?

When you are 21,
I set my eyes to the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, aiming for the Sociology or Psychology. For once, I chose passion for practical-ism. While many are looking for degrees that are able to provide them with a good career prospects, like Economics or Business, I choose a soft science, which remains unpopular and misunderstood in the general population. People asked me, what are you going to be after attaining your degree in Sociology? A social worker? You see, it has always been a heavily misunderstood area. However, let me justify my reasons for choosing Sociology or Psychology. You know, those two years of torturous college time, my whole class has a common goal, which is to get into the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. That can be considered a dream to most of us. You can say, I am just trying to attain the goal I have set years ago. Oh the other hand, after being through the two years, I realized I need to have the passion, to develop an interest and to score well in an area. Although I will not deny that the latter reason is stronger than the former. A dream come true, who wouldn’t like?

When you are 21,
I still do not have much friends. I like being around with friends, whom have been with me for so long. It is never easy for me to make friends and to keep friends. My social need is just so low that I can live through a day without socialising. I can stay at home the whole weekends, with no feeling of boredom. Solitude, I called it. I enjoy the peace, in fact. There are however, moments when you just wish that a friend will call to ask if you are alright and how you are doing. The 30-year-old self, are you making a bunch of awesome friends, which keeping those good friends you have gotten? Are you still in touch with people like Angie? Sabrina? Wan Yin? Do you remember these people? I hope you do because these are the people who made my life wonderful for these recent years. People, I truly trust and would be glad to keep in contact with.

When you are 21,
I promised to keep her happy forever. I promised that she can retire soon, without worrying about the financials. I will feed her, support her, and let her lead a comfortable life. I will get an apartment, with a nice room for her. The room need not be big, it will have full-length window with day curtains, so that breeze can enter the room whenever the weather is good. There will be a good air conditioner, which can keep the environment cooling enough for her to enjoy herself. There will be an attached bathroom for her convenience. A comfortable bed, with nice carpeted floor. A glass table top, just nearby the bed, with a dual screen desktop, coupled by a high-speed internet. Everything she has dreamed for since then.. Are you doing that for her now? How happy is she? Have you notice the wrinkles that appear on her face? Her hands, once warm and soft, are they still the same? Keep her happy, please. She may not have the ability to bring you around when you are young, but she has really tried her best. You are 30 now, it will be your responsibility to do that.

When you are 21,
You are a procrastinator which you promised to change. You have no idea what you will be in the future, but you know you will be happy enough to lead a comfortable life along with her. You shall pass on your experience to the future generations, let them know that failure is not as scary as it seems to be.

Are you successful now? How is your working life? Are you still believing in passion? Or inevitably, have you become the slave of money? Are you juggling well? Have you been bring her out often? Please bring her around to see that world, a world that she has missed because she was slogging her days and life to fulfill your material needs. Always remember, what goes around, comes around.

I hope you are doing well and will be doing well. When you have read this at the age of 30, on 6 July 2020, please do write a letter to your 40-year-old self.

Your 21-year-old Self
on 18 December 2011


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