Boulders of Burden

Looking at my schedule,
I questioned, “Who am I to shoulder all these burdens?”
Moments later, I answered,
“I am me, no one else is responsible for my grades.”

I looked at all these boulders of burdens,
I have shrunken because of the load, my foot step is..
heavy, dragging and slow. I am..
Perspiring, melting and vapourising under the pressure of deadlines.

I questioned, “Why am I doing all these while they rest aren’t?”
Carrying these boulders, piling more pebbles on top from time to time,
I am truly sick and tired of everything.
I answered again, “Because I am me.”

Until then.. I started to realise..
I can do anything, just not everything.
I need a relief from the responsibilities from time to time,
then again, who am I to shift the responsibilities or even,
to remove all of those from my own shoulders?


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