Three years flew by..
Before I was prepared for the worst,
after I was beaten by myself.
It wasn’t easy time. Neither was it overwhelming.
I could.. easily, let out a laugh for all the things.
To think that I felt inferior in the initial stage.. What a joke.

Two years of failure, I thought I won’t have a taste of success.
No one likes the feeling of lagging behind..
Surpassing is the hard one.
I spent three years. Three long years to correct myself,
my thinking, my feeling, my path.
Did I waste the three years? I am unsure.

A brand new month..
A brand new start..
What’s there for me? Nothing but waiting.
Please just let me rebel this ones. Be wilful this ones.
Be insensible this ones. Only this moment..
I knew financially, we can’t. But just this time..

Let me get through..

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