Under the rain

I used to hate rains, especially after classes, simply because I would be either stuck in school or running in the rain. Once, when I was running in the rain, I tripped and fell. It hurt yet there’s more. I picked myself up and decided to walk under the rain. Little droplets fell from the sky, soaking through my uniform, to my skin. It was humid yet cold, how conflicting. While I was walking, I saw many umbrellas, big and small. Under each umbrellas, stood happy faces, hand in hand, walking home. Till date, I love the rain and will always look forward to carrying an umbrella in the rain. There aren’t any happy faces under my umbrella, only me and my shadow..

Walking in the rain,
is not lonely or pitiful.
A moment of solitude,
is what I enjoy most.

Coincidentally, ‘Through The Rain’ is one of my favourite song.


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